I started my career as a freelance illustrator in 1975, after graduating from the Tyler School of Art. My first “real” illustration was a picture of Bob Dylan for a magazine article. That led to others, an agent… and I was off and running.


Let me backup a little. During my second or third year of art school, I had gotten an airbrush for Christmas. I sprayed a little paint and I was hooked! I loved what it could do.

There were no classes being taught on it’s use, so I made up my own techniques, which weren’t exactly what others were doing with it. I used those techniques for the next twenty years, illustrating book covers, magazines, advertisements, record cover, movie posters and more.


About the time the digital age took over the illustration world and the need for natural media art vanished, I was developing an interest in gallery painting and working in oils. While still doing some computer based illustrations I really turned my attention to gallery work.